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Venerdi 14/1/2022 ore 14.00 - 18.00

Relatore: Antonella Trombetta
Ente: Hitachi Rail STS
Modulo: Next Generation EU: il futuro dell’Europa digitale
Responsabile: Davide Anguita

Abstract: European transport continues to change due to environment, climate neutrality and digital connection requests. The transport sector offers services must bee attractive for users, workers and business. Clear rules, reliable funding, innovation and development and business opportunities both in the EU and beyond are requested. Transport is a central part of the European Green Deal. Rail can be one of the “existing” answer. It’s already, almost, sustainable, safe, affordable and often accessible.

The EU has a good help to find the goal but rail has to be more sustainable, affordable and better accessible.  The need to better integrate the different modes and facilitate multimodal transport and mobility; to develop an infrastructure network that is fit for purpose, by being interoperable, allowing multimodal transport, supporting digitalization of transport and making use of alternative modes of transport possible and efficient.

The EU Commission realized the importance of the rail and started a new way of investment:

  •   Shift2Rail was the first big investment in Rail
  •   Europe’s Rail is the continuation.
  •   Staffer a starting point for Rail improvement
  •   ERTMS Deployment Plan the concrete investment for the first concept of SERA


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